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Ad Noordzij and Bastiaan Tentij (HorseRidingSpain)
Winners of the 2024 Martinique Cata Raid!

Open sea at last! For this final day of competition, the weather conditions allowed the race committee to finally offer a course outside the Bay of Robert. This final regatta is vital, as it will determine the winner of the 2024 edition. It also adopts a format more in keeping with the 'Raid' spirit that the competitors are so fond of and which is the trademark of the Martinique Cata Raid.

Martinique Cata Raid  2024 : Grand Prix du Robert © Pierrick Contin

So it's off for a fifteen-mile race: a start in front of the Wind Force yacht club in Le Robert, a long upwind leg to the Loup Garou islet, a reaching leg, back and forth, to round a buoy near the "Petite Caye" before returning downwind to the bay where the finish is judged.

As everyone knows, this is a decisive race; the gaps in the rankings are small enough to hope or fear, win or lose everything!

They promised this morning before the start: they've done it!

Nicolas Gillet and Nicolas Poix ( Socoveam Amnizi) were particularly happy this morning to take to the open sea. They love this playground and sail like fish in water. In this final heat, the Nico's dominated the race, mastering their subject from start to finish: a supremacy that suffered no challenge.

Gurvan Bontemps and Fred Moreau (French Caribbean - Stickerman), the week's great animators, finished the course in second place ahead of Matthieu Marfaing and James Melvin ( Cirrus - MM Sailing)

Martinique Cata Raid  2024 : Grand Prix du Robert © Pierrick Contin

Ad Noordzij and Bastiaan Tentij (HorseRidingSpain), winners in the F18 class

So it was the Dutch pair of Ad Noordzij and Bastiaan Tentij who came out on top in the overall rankings of this Martinique Cata Raid 2024; a victory built on a combination of great speed on the reach and downwind, good risk management and, above all, impressive consistency. For Ad, sailing is above all a hobby. An independent entrepreneur, he works as an advisor to investment companies: "I often make difficult decisions in difficult conditions! Risk management is what I do every day. This week's Martinique Cata Raid is an excellent example of risk management!”

As for Bastiaan, he's a regular competitor. A professional racer for many years, he hung up his harness nearly 10 years ago: "I now have a job, a family and children, but I still enjoy getting back out on the water!” Above all, Bastiaan has lost none of his talent. "I've rediscovered the F18, which has evolved a lot, and it's great to be able to rediscover this sport, as I've learnt a lot of new things.

Ad and Bastiaan have known each other for just under 15 years, but this is only the third time they have sailed together. "It's our first time in Martinique in this magnificent Baie du Robert and our first victory," enthuses Bastiaan. We're a bit disappointed not to have sailed around the island, but we've had a wonderful week of competition with a very high standard and crews that were very close all the time. They made life difficult for us on the water!

I think we made fewer mistakes and were perhaps a little luckier because we were spared the breakage. That's the little helping hand you sometimes need to win. We were also able to manage our races well, 'ease off' when we needed to, not take unnecessary risks, and push hard when we needed to!

We've been a bit lucky to get through the technical setbacks, the boat's fine, we're fine, except for my hands, but yes, this week in Martinique has been incredible. We'll be back for sure!"

Yohan Debauque and Barbara Mazoyer, winners in F16

In the F16 class, the suspense was admittedly less unbearable. Yohan Debauque and Barbara Mazoyer were well ahead of the game, winning all the heats sailed against Peter Vaes - Charlotte Dekien, except for the day's race! "We still ended up in their rudders: it was a great picture!" smiled Yohan. Yohan and another competitor, Tom, whom I'd like to thank very much, spent most of the evening repairing the boat so that they could set off again this morning. "Last night, Barbara was very close to giving up. This collision was like the last straw after a very complicated and technically demanding week". Our biggest challenge," continues Barbara, "was to make sure the boat could hold up, but yes, we're happy, it was a great regatta.

The two young sailors, both under thirty, leave Martinique with the title of F16 category winner in their pockets

Martinique Cata Raid  2024 : Grand Prix du Robert © Pierrick Contin

They said:

Yohan Debauque and Barbara Mazoyer, Winners in the F16 class

"The waves were pretty impressive but after 5 days, we're pretty much used to dealing with heavy weather.

I had already come to do this tour of Martinique in the F18 class in 2020. This time, we had a different format in the Bay of Robert, in an F16, with Barbara who had never sailed an F16 before. It's our second time sailing together, so there's still a lot to work out, but it was great fun. We were starting to get the hang of things over the last few races. We put a lot of work into the boat and got some results, which is satisfying.

Ad Noordzij and Bastiaan Tentj (HorseRidingSpain), winners in F18

We got off to a terrible start. Then, upwind, we made up a bit of ground but not that much, we were probably in 8th or 9th position. It was a bit hot out there with some big waves. We stayed close on the reaching leg and then Bastiaan started to make calculations...

As we entered the channel, we hoisted the gennaker and now we're literally flying! We finished just behind Matthieu [Marfaing and James Mervil], who were fourth; Gurvan and Fred were second, so the job was done! I really love these conditions, I don't need to go on the rides to get this kind of feeling, I just have to get on my boat!

Winning here is a huge surprise for us, really! We came here not knowing what to expect, we thought we'd be doing the Tour de la Martinique. We like long-distance races; I love that, but we switched to a more 'traditional' race format. On the first day, with our 7th place, we thought we might be in the right place, and the next day, we did heats of 2 and 1! Something happened at that moment! The others also had worse races with technical problems. We were completely spared these problems; we worked a lot on our preparation beforehand by checking all the equipment and we also saw some riders pushing a bit hard, taking risks in the rocks, which wasn't the case for us.

Gurvan Bontemps and Fred Moreau (French Caribbean - Stickerman), second in the day's racing, and second in the overall F18 race

Today, our fate wasn't just in our own hands. It was a great race, we got off to a very good start and we knew we had to put three places between Ad and Bastiaan. We came third at Îlet du Loup Garou and our opponent was tenth at that point. On the long reaching leg, we weren't disappointed; there was wind and waves. We did pretty well, coming back on Matthieu Marfaing and James Melvil, who we passed at the mark, before stalling. We could see the Nicos ahead, over-motivated. We preferred to take it easy. Behind them, Ad and Bastiaan were stronger than the other boats around them and came back; we finished two and they finished fourth: a great race but not enough to get back in the overall standings.

We're really happy to be here, with the welcome and the Martinique atmosphere, which is always excellent. Fredo and I hadn't sailed together for 5 years, so we needed to get back into the swing of things. We also had a new spinnaker, which we had to learn how to use to best effect, and we still had quite a few little problems: a bent tiller, torn rudders, a broken daggerboard, a spinnaker tack that gave way yesterday... Everyone had their setbacks, but in the end, with all these pitfalls, we're very happy to have achieved this fine second place!

We've never sailed in 15 knots of wind with lots of seas: it's a magnificent Martinique Cata Raid 2024: A must do again!

Nicolas Gillet and Nicolas Poix (Socoveam Amnizi) winners of the day's race and third overall

We're so happy! We got off to a good start. We finished the upwind leg strongly and then took the lead, which we never relinquished. On the reach, we were fast, at ease and without too much stress. I'm really pleased with this edition! The organisers made the right choices for this week, even if we like sailing outside. I have to admit that I was really enthusiastic this morning, because this type of sailing is what Nico and I really like.

We finished on the podium in third place, as we did last year, but with such a much higher level this year. Once again, it's great and Nico managed it really well, he was strong today and we've made a lot of progress this year

Programme for the week:

  • Saturday 20 January: Opening drink

  • Sunday 21 January: Training day

  • Monday 22 January: Constructed course

  • Tuesday 23 January: Long distance (Canceled)

  • Wednesday 24 January: Constructed course

  • Thursday 25 January: Rest day

  • Friday 26 January: Long distance

  • Saturday 27 January: Constructed course and prize-giving ceremony

Rankings to be found on the Martinique Cata Raid website

CLASSEMENT GENERAL Martinique Cata Raid 2024 en F18.pdf

CLASSEMENT GENERAL Martinique Cata Raid 2024 en F16.pdf

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Ad Noordzij and Bastiaan Tentij (HorseRidingSpain)Winners of the 2024 Martinique Cata Raid!

Open sea at last! For this final day of competition, the weather conditions allowed the race committee to finally offer a course outside the Bay of Robert. This final regatta is vital, as it will determine the winner of the 2024 edition. It also adopts a format more in keeping with the 'Raid' spirit that the competitors are so fond of and which is the trademark of the Martinique Cata Raid.

Ad Noordzij et Bastiaan Tentij (HorseRidingSpain)Vainqueurs de l’édition 2024 du Martinique Cata Raid !

Enfin du large ! Pour cette dernière journée de compétition, les conditions météo ont permis au comité de course de proposer, enfin, un parcours à l’extérieur de la Baie du Robert. Cette ultime régate est capitale puisqu’elle désigne le vainqueur de l’édition 2024. Elle épouse aussi un format plus conforme à l'esprit “Raid” que les concurrents affectionnent tant et qui est la marque de fabrique du Martinique Cata Raid.

Tensions rise over the Martinique Cata Raid

This sixth and penultimate day promises to be decisive. After 6 legs contested in sustained conditions, the bodies are beginning to feel the strain and the riders' faces are a little drawn. Once again, we were expecting commitment on the water and nobody was disappointed. Clear attacks, multiple incidents of damage, a look back at a day which may well prove decisive in the Martinique Cata Raid...

Le ton monte sur le Martinique Cata Raid

Cette sixième et pénultième journée s’annonçait déterminante. Après 6 manches disputées dans des conditions soutenues, les corps commencent à être éprouvés, les traits des coureurs sont un peu tirés. On attendait à nouveau, de l’engagement sur l’eau et personne n’a été déçu. Attaques franches, avaries multiples, retour sur une journée peut-être décisive sur le Martinique Cata Raid…

Unprecedented mid-race podiums

There could well be a few upsets in the general standings this evening after the jury's deliberations! Because today, with the fine weather conditions here in the Bay of Robert, the crews were able to compete in two very intense races, full of twists and turns...

Podiums inédits à mi-course

Il risque d’y avoir quelques bouleversements au général ce soir après délibération du jury ! Car aujourd'hui avec les belles conditions météo retrouvées ici dans la baie du Robert, les équipages ont pu disputer deux courses très intenses et pleines de rebondissements…

Races of the day cancelled on the Martinique Cata Raid

Despite a briefing and a course proposal on the morning of the third day of racing, the decision by the organisers and the race committee to cancel the day's racing was imminent.

Courses du jour annulées sur le Martinique Cata Raid

Malgré un briefing et une proposition de parcours en ce matin du  troisième jour de course, on pressentait la décision de l’organisation et du comité de course, d’annuler purement et simplement les régates du jour.

An intense day to say the least on the Martinique Cata Raid

It seems that circumstances conspired this morning to throw a spanner in the works of the Martinique Cata Raid's well-oiled organisers. As soon as the competitors were on the water, the start procedure was delayed. The cause was the heavy conditions outside the bay, which made anchoring the markers tricky. With the fleet dismasting and returning to the club, the series has only just begun on a day full of pitfalls. A torn mainsail, a blown genoa sheet and a blown spinnaker pole for three of the race's main protagonists... It's clear that Tuesday will have given everyone a hard time!

Une journée pour le moins intense sur le Martinique Cata Raid

A croire que les circonstances s’étaient liguées ce matin pour mettre des bâtons dans les rouages pourtant bien huilés de l’organisation du Martinique Cata Raid. A peine les concurrents sur l’eau, la procédure de départ prend du retard. En cause, les conditions  trop fortes à l'extérieur de la baie qui rendent le mouillage des marques épineux. Démâtage, retour de la flotte au club, la série ne fait que commencer pour cette journée qui va s’avérer semée d’embûches. GV déchirée, écoute de génois et tangon explosés pour trois des principaux animateurs de la course… Décidément, ce mardi aura donné du fil à retordre à tout le monde !


Adapting will certainly be the theme of this week's Martinique Cata Raid. The race director had planned to send the competitors on a 'long distance' race, but the weather decided otherwise. This morning in Le Robert, the water was swept by the famous squalls characteristic of the trade winds, gusting to over 35 knots. As a result, the 28 crews finally set off to sail two constructed courses.


S’adapter sera certainement et plus que jamais la thématique de la semaine sur le Martinique Cata Raid. Le directeur de course avait prévu d’envoyer les concurrents sur un “longue distance”, la météo en a décidé autrement. Ce matin, au Robert, le plan d’eau est balayé par ces fameux  grains, caractéristiques des alizés, avec des rafales à plus de 35 nœuds. Les 28 équipages sont donc finalement partis naviguer sur deux parcours construits.

Gros changement de programme sur le Martinique Cata Raid
21 Janvier 2024

Cérémonie d’ouverture, présentation des équipages hier, et régate d'entraînement ce dimanche, le Martinique Cata Raid est bel et bien lancé. Cette 9ème édition* marque un tournant dans l’histoire de la course à deux titres. D’un part, c’est la première fois qu’elle rassemble autant de nations différentes. D’autre part, et c’est un fait inédit, le Martinique Cata Raid ne fera pas le tour de l’île aux fleurs en raison des conditions météo musclées annoncées pour la semaine.

J- 7 avant le lancement du Martinique Cata Raid
13 janvier 2024

Dans 7 jours exactement, 30 équipages s’élanceront pour un tour de la Martinique en catamaran de sport F18 et F16. Et pour cette 10è édition, le programme s’annonce copieux avec trois grosses étapes au large et deux épreuves en format sprint ; le Martinique Cata Raid 2024 sera sans nul doute une compétition de gros bra

Avis de course et ouverture des inscriptions pour le Martinique Cata Raid 2024

Du 21 au 27 janvier 2024, l'île aux fleurs sera à nouveau le théâtre grandiose de cette passionnante compétition qu'est le Martinique Cata Raid : un tour de l'île en catamaran de sport (F16 et F18).L'avis de course de la 9é édition vient d'être publié ; les inscriptions débutent dès ce mercredi 26 avril.